Cloud Computing

Why you should consider using the Cloud


What Cloud services can I use?

The most common cloud services are email and file sharing.

Cloud email is extremely effective. It is secure and reliable and automatically backed up with as much storage space as you need. You can synchronise your email, calendars, tasks and contacts between your desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone and even share with work colleagues. In other words genuine, business-grade, professional email.

Flint IT’s cloud file sharing system is superb. The same folder structure can be used across your organisation – just decide who is allowed access to which folders. Local copies of shared files are stored on each PC, and mirrored in the cloud. File changes are reflected in the cloud and updated on all shared users’ PCs. Complete synchronisation is effortless and  automatic, without overloading your broadband connection.

What about other business software applications?

If your business uses other applications shared between users, like CRM systems, databases or accounting packages, then other cloud options are available. Many software vendors offer cloud versions of their programs, or if a dedicated application server is required this can also be built in the cloud.

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Whenever I make changes to my software Jeremy is always quick in sending me a solution to get back online. The solutions are always presented in words I can understand, which is rare from an IT expert.John, Flitwick