Business Continuity

For Complete Peace of Mind

We can help reduce your business risks by ensuring you have:-

  • A comprehensive backup and recovery plan in place
  • Safeguarded your critical company data by keeping an additional offsite copy
  • A fully monitored, tested and working backup system

We have business continuity solutions which will allow you to recover your entire system in a matter of minutes. We can assess your requirements and present you with a range of options to suit all budgets – from simple data backups to full disaster recovery systems.

Learn how we can help you reduce your business risks. Call Angus Merelie on 01582 209052 or contact us.

In early July a weekend power cut caused some problems with our IT. Before we had really noticed a problem we received a call from Flint IT informing us that they had noticed a problem. They diagnosed a faulty network switch and were on site with a replacement within two hours.

We know that, should anything like this happen again, Flint IT will be working hard behind the scenes to keep any downtime to a minimum. Our business continuity is their priority.Simon, Pitstone