High Quality Email Services

All businesses need a professional and reliable email service.

Email is a vital business tool. Flint IT can supply, configure, manage and support any email system including Microsoft Hosted ExchangeMicrosoft Office 365, Google Apps and all others.

Our support includes:-

  • Synchronising your email between PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Migrating old emails into your new mailbox
  • Ensuring your email is secure
  • Setting up email distribution lists and aliases
  • Configuring group calendars
  • Configuring sharing of your contacts
  • Configuring antispam and antivirus protection

We can also set up email buffering services to protect you from loss of email if your own email server is down, email journalling and email archiving.

POP email is just not good enough for most businesses. If your email doesn’t work as well as you’d like it to, the chances are you need to upgrade to a business-grade service.

Flint have always been a pleasure to work with, respond immediately and with sympathy to any problem we have and, despite our ignorance of so much of the technology, are always patient and respectful towards us.

It is always very reassuring to know that Jeremy is at the other end of the phone.David, Chesham

Ask us how we can help with your email. Call Angus Merelie on 01582 209052 or contact us.