The heart of your IT system

Keep it running at peak performance

Your network lies at the heart of your IT system. It must be set up, configured and managed correctly to provide trouble-free operation.

Flint IT is a leading expert located in the Luton area and we will design, supply and install all of your networking needs.

Our technicians will configure your entire network so it runs smoothly and securely:

  • Broadband connections
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Firewalls
  • Wi-fi access points and networks
  • Structured cabling

Once it is set up perfectly, we will remotely monitor your network and use advanced diagnostics to keep your systems running at peak performance.


Many businesses can save money by also using their broadband connection for telephony. For optimum performance we can either segregate voice and data over your LAN physically, or configure it to run as two virtual LANs (VLANs) over the same cabling. We will also manage your internet bandwidth to guarantee the Quality of Service (QoS) needed to run VOIP.

Learn how we can help you with all your networking needs. Call Angus Merelie on 01582 209052 or contact us.

I am very happy with the support we receive from Flint IT, they have consistently lived up to our expectations since we brought them on board and do everything we require to keep our IT, and so our business, running smoothly.Graham, Luton