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Flint IT is built on relationships, where you’re put in touch with someone who can help with your IT. First time.
And these are the people that make it all happen.

I would like to reiterate how happy we have been with your services and your team. Very refreshing to deal with people, and I emphasise, people, who actually listen and care about making sure the client is more than happy. Please feel free to use this e-mail as a third party reference.John, Luton

Jeremy Curtis
Founder and Managing Director

Originally a software developer, Jeremy has seen technology in a wide range of business contexts. Over the years, his roles have included project manager, product manager, and – since 2005 – he has been running Flint IT. Combining this practical experience with his BEng/MSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and several Microsoft certifications, he takes ownership of IT issues and won’t stop until they’re resolved. When he’s not running Flint IT, you’ll find Jeremy in the great outdoors – cycling, sailing or walking.

“Flint IT is fantastic and frustrating. Often at the same time. Fortunately, the team is committed and focused – we always get those issues resolved, whatever it takes.”

Andrew Newton
Senior Support Technician

With more than 25 years’ experience in IT support, Andrew is involved in most of our pre-planned project work and supporting our front-line team. He does this by providing them with the benefit of his expertise, including two Microsoft Certified Professional certifications and proven practical knowledge. He’s also a keen cyclist in his spare time.

“Working at Flint IT is challenging, but it’s rewarding, too – I get to learn new things and solve IT problems for a variety of different people.”

Ian Hedges
Senior Support Technician

For 25 years, Ian worked at a multinational electronics company, initially as a design engineer and then in the IT department. During this time, he developed a skill for communicating technical information to everyone from shop floor staff to senior management. Since 2013, he’s used that talent to support customers on a range of issues, as well as overseeing the delivery of support by the rest of the team. Ian is also a volunteer at Dunstable Sea Cadets, where he teaches IT in the CIS specialisation.

“Every day at Flint IT brings something different. But being able to help people and make a real difference means it’s always satisfying.”

Balal Rashid
Support Technician

Providing in-house support to organisations including the London Business School and the Ministry of Justice, Balal knows how critical it is that support is fast and responsive. Since 2013, he’s given that proactive service to our customers over the phone and on-site, from monitoring and managing systems to installing new hardware. And as for hobbies? Balal has children instead.

“At Flint IT, we pride ourselves in being able to take anything on, providing a consistent level of professionalism that our customers can count on.”

Angus Merelie
Commercial Director

Having worked in IT and telecoms for more than 30 years, Angus is experienced in everything from marketing and sales to customer service and networking. Since 2012, he’s used his knowledge of the technical and commercial sides of IT to grow our client portfolio. Beyond work, he enjoys golfing, cycling, and an ample collection of wines.

“Working at Flint IT is satisfying because we genuinely put the customer first in everything we do. Not many companies can say that.”

Pascal Horisberger
Support Technician

After running an IT company in South Africa, Pascal joined Flint IT in 2015 with a range of Microsoft qualifications and specialisms. From Windows Server 2008 to C# development, he applies this extensive expertise to whatever our customers throw at him, including troubleshooting, server configurations, and hosted services. In his free time, Pascal is a music fanatic and a keen drummer.

“Working at Flint IT is fantastic! There’s always a laugh to be had and we all work together to deliver the best possible end results.”