Server Management and Support

Qualified and Experienced Microsoft Experts

Flint IT monitors and manages well over 50 Microsoft servers for our customers across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. Our technicians are fully qualified to manage every aspect of your servers to ensure:

  • Servers are properly designed, configured, monitored and managed
  • Peak performance is assured with regular preventive maintenance
  • Systems are fully secured
  • Backups are working correctly
  • Software updates and security patches are correctly installed

Cloud Servers

We can reduce the costs and inconvenience of on-site servers by designing, building and operating your server in the cloud. This increases service resilience whilst reducing upfront capital cost.

Here at the Bournemouth branch they keep a constant eye on our PCs and servers, keeping them up and running and ensuring that we can keep working.

The people at Flint IT are friendly and easy to work with. We have no hesitations about calling them the minute something goes wrong, as we know that they will explain the problem and solution to us in a way we can understand.Sophie, Bournemouth

Learn how we can help you with all your servers. Call Angus Merelie on 01582 209052 or contact us.